Wednesday, March 23, 2016

The Things They Tell You...

They tell you the weight will "fall off" when you're breastfeeding. Then they tell you that if it didn't fall off while you were breast feeding, then you're body is hanging on to provide for you child and the weight will surely fall off when you wean. Fall. right. off.

Y'all. I think people just say this to make new moms feel better. Because everything is all squishy and saggy and different.

"Don't worry, hon! You'll have you're tight size 2 bottom back in no time!"

No. No you will not. Stop giving moms unrealistic expectations of their post-baby bodies. You just MADE A HUMAN (as my best friend so awesomely reminded me last night), then birthed it, and now are caring for it 24/7.

Ok, enough with the cynicism. The point is that it is time that I stop waiting for my body to magically spring back into pre-pregnancy shape and give it a little help (and with this comes the realization that many parts of me will never quite look the same again).

1. I signed up for a half marathon.
Yeah. I did this once before. Right before I got married and my husband was gone for a while and I "needed something to do." Only this time I have not had time to train until very recently and even now I barely have energy to do cardio a few times a week. I may be walking a lot during this race but I'm excited for it anyway.

2. I'm trying to eat a bit healthier.
Going on crazy diets has never really worked for me as I have very little self control when it comes to food. ;) However, I can do my best each day to make good and healthier choices. Yesterday, I had friend chicken, a tamale, and Mexican spaghetti for lunch...I will try and do better today. :)

Really that's it for now. Nothing crazy and drastic (ok, except maybe the half marathon), just trying to get back into some of the things I love (including blogging). I'm hoping to have the time and energy to not only keep going, but to keep documenting here. I always do so much better when I feel like I'm held accountable to my blog. ;)

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