Sunday, September 4, 2016

Brain Freedom?

I have a really ironic relationship with clutter.

When my house/life is cluttered I have a really hard time focusing. I'm not as productive. I spend barely any time on my hobbies because 'I don't have time.' I do have time. I also have clutter. When my house is cluttered I feel like my brain is also cluttered. Knowing this, you would think that 30 years on this earth would be enough time to figure out how to keep everything tidy and organized so that I'm not a hot mess all the time. (Maybe I would still be a hot mess but who has time to find out?!) I even started reading that famous book, like, way over a year ago to try and declutter and simplify my life. I didn't finish it. :/ I'm even fairly certain I've started several "Tidy All of the Things" or "Organize Everything in Your Life" challenges here on the blog but obviously have slacked off quite a bit on those and on writing as well. And then you get to that point where you're like "Gosh, I really miss writing. I should write some stuff. What if it's bad? Ok, I should wait a while until I have something awe inspiring and/or earth shattering to say. Ok, ok, just do it. Write words. Get them on the page." I digress, a lot.

Anyway, tidying and decluttering. SO the whole reason I'm here is that we recently got rid of the bedroom furniture in our spare room/office/craft room and there is so much more room in here. Like, my brain finally feels free!!! I'm pretty sure this entire post is a load of crazy nonsense but I don't care and I'm posting it anyway! You're welcome.

Speaking of crazy brain freedom, have you ever had one of those complete blog identity crises that lasts like 3 years? I'm pretty sure that's whats been happening and has given me TOTAL writer's block. I went through this phase where every blog that I read seemed to fill some amazing never before thought of niche and I was all "I need to find my blogging niche or I just can't go on!" And guess what, I didn't go on.

But then this evening I was feeling bored and restless and got to what if I don't have the perfect blog and the perfect niche (I know, we've been down this road before), I can still write stuff and my dad and my BFFs will probably still read it. And maybe if I continue for long enough it'll be the first running/cycling/working mom/beer loving/laundry procrastinating/wanna-be crafter/PokemonGO playing/makeup loving blog out there! How's that for a niche! ;)

Maybe that's why my other blog didn't work out. I was trying to portray someone other than myself through my little corner of the internet and I couldn't keep it up because it really wasn't me. I love spending an hour in Sephora AND spending an hour walking around playing PokemonGO (while wearing my Hufflepuff Quidditch Team Captain t-shirt). I love cycling AND beer (ok, that's not so uncommon. Cyclists are a rather lush bunch.) Also, I love pumpkin/pumpkin spice flavored everything and I'm not ashamed. I am basic and I'm ok with it (complete with Starbucks addiction). In fact, right this very minute I'm having my very first pumpkin flavored beer of the season.

Right, well that was a quick rabbit hole down from my "ironic relationship" with clutter to a total Sunday night brain dump. Oh well, sometimes you just need to write stuff. And then maybe better stuff will come later. Maybe not. I guess we'll have to wait and see. ;)