Sunday, January 22, 2017

Initial Impression of Ibotta

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Happy Sunday y'all! I didn't have a whole lot planned for today except cleaning and grocery shopping so I thought I would share my newest fun shopping saving tool!

A couple weeks ago I began using the Ibotta app to save a little extra money here and there. I've read several articles recently from people who use it often and get quite a bit of cash back on their regular purchases. After doing some research, I decided this was a great app for a lazy couponer such as myself! Here's what I think of it so far.


1. Ease of use. I can literally sit on my couch and browse items that I can earn cash back on later.

2. So many stores! I'm not sure what I expected, but there are definitely more options than I thought there would be. I also shop at the military commissary a lot for groceries and that's not usually included in these types of things but it is on Ibotta!

3. Includes "regular" grocery items. A lot of time when I use coupons, I feel like it's a stretch whether or not I would actually buy the things I have coupons for. Today though, I got money back ($2 to be exact) from Ibotta for buying milk, eggs, and bread of any brand!


I'm not sure I really have any yet. I haven't tried to actually redeem any money yet (I think you have to wait until you accumulate $20) so time will tell if that process actually ends up being easy.

I think so far I've earned a grand total of $3 so far but I've also only had the app for about 10 days. The other things that's kind of neat is that if you invite friends to Ibotta you can both get extra cash! So, if you're thinking of trying it, feel free to sign up through my link so we both get rewarded! :)

I was not asked to write this on behalf of Ibotta or any affiliate but I will be rewarded if you sign up through my link and receive your welcome bonus to Ibotta.

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