Sunday, January 8, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up & Plans for the Week: 1/8/17

Back in the day when I did wrap up posts (at least I think I used to, I'll have to spend some time in the archives to figure that out) I had lots of pictures to share. No longer. That's either because my weekends have become significantly less exciting or just because I don't take as many pictures. I'm going to go with a combination of both.

This weekend I...

...watched the 3rd and 4th Harry Potter movies (for the 2304982309th time) and talked with my BFF about doing a simultaneous Harry Potter series reread. Yes, we are that cool.

...ate a lot of king cake. Even though we no longer live in New Orleans, the lure of sugary sweet cake during Carnival season still draws me in. And my mother sent us one that arrived in the mail on Friday and we've nearly finished it.

...made red beans and rice. Well, no me. The husband did it. But I ate them. And supervised. And yelled down to the basement when the timers went off. :)

...actually gave a second thought to planning ahead for the week. I've been flying by the seat of my pants for a while now (something to do with having a kid I think) and I'd like to get back to having a better plan in mind for the week. I find I get more done and tend to freak out a little less when I have a general plan for what I want to get accomplished.

So on that note....

This week I'd like to...

...mail off some packages I've been neglecting (4 to be exact). Some are late Christmas gifts, some are returns. All are well past they're "should be mailed by" date.

...go to the gym 4 times. I've already committed to go to spin class on Monday, Wednesday and Friday but I have really early days at work Tuesday and Thursday so I'll have to squeeze in a weekend workout to hit my goal.

...finish the book I'm currently reading. This is kind of a stretch but I think if I read each night I can do it. I normally wouldn't be so impatient to finish but like I said above, I have a Harry Potter reread coming my way soon and I'm JUST SO EXCITED and I'm not good at reading more than one book at a time. :)

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