Sunday, February 19, 2017

DIY Sugar Glider Sack

Happy Sunday! It's time for a little DIY fun. ;)

If you follow me on Instagram, you may know that I made some little hanging bags recently for some adorable little animals called Sugar Gliders that were at my friend's animal rescue. How did an exotic pet end up at what is a primarily dog and cat rescue you may ask?...Well, someone dumped 29 of them in a cage on the side of the road a few years ago and left a note for the people who run the shelter in hopes that they would take care of them. When I learned about them, they only had five left but they needed few extra fun things in their cages to play with/snuggle in. So, when my friend heard about something else I was sewing, she asked if I would take on the project. And I did, because who doesn't want to help some super cute little animals? Oh, and I kind of had no idea until consulting the Google what these little things looked like. If you don't either, click here to find out! They're so cute!

I was looking for an easy project to ease my back into sewing (again) and this turned out to be just the ticket. I did the first batch of two with some scrap fabric that I had bought about 2 years ago and never really had a plan for. Or maybe I did but I forgot between then and now.

My friend told me that they were currently using Crown Royal bags for these little animals so I just modeled mine after one and went to town. I ended up making 10 all together for about $15 in materials. The reason my friend even asked me to make them in the first place is they tried buying some online and they were selling for $15+ a piece! So this was definitely much more cost effective for the shelter.

As fate would have it, two of the little guys who had been there for years actually got adopted while I was finishing their bags. However, the shelter has other little animals (like rats, who are surprisingly adorable) who would be super happy to play and snuggle in the bags so they'll still go to good use!

Have you made anything fun lately? Please share!

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