Monday, February 20, 2017

Giving Yourself Permission to Try...and Fail if You Must

Recently I've been trying to step out of my comfort zone creatively. And boy is it uncomfortable. I've been trying new sewing projects, on which I have no freaking clue what I'm doing. And as I mentioned last week, I'm doing some behind the scenes work and will soon be launching a new blog.

Both of these things seemed like a good idea in my head. They even seemed like great ideas when I'm daydreaming about my hobbies from the lunch room at work. But then late at night, after the kid is in bed and all the procrastinating has been done, I'm faced with the harsh reality of actually putting pen to paper and needle to thread. ;) And. it's. scary.

Let's look at the facts though. Is it really as scary as I make it out to be?

What's the worst thing that could happen if I eff'd up my sewing project? I waste about $10 in materials and have to start over. Annoying, yes. But not life altering.

What's the worst thing that could happen if I eff up my new blog and it's a total lead ballon? No one reads it and those who do read it hate it and think it's stupid. So then I scrap it like I did the old one and start over. Disheartening. But not the literal end of the world.

And in both instances, even if my projects bomb, I surely will have learned something in the process!

AND neither of those realities is all that horrible when you really think about it. It's just my perfectionist self worrying about not being perfect and then being nothing while I wait around worried about not being perfect. Make sense? If you're experiencing any of the same feelings, here are the steps I'm taking to overcome my fears of failure and to get my butt in gear!

1. Give myself time to plan, but with a deadline. For both my blog and sewing projects, I have given myself the freedom to have a little planning time but I have also set deadlines for myself. I will launch my new blog by May 1. I will start a new sewing project within 1 week of buying the materials.

2. Plan for the worst. Like I said above, I think of the worst case scenarios, realize they're not too bad, and press on. When we're talking creative endeavors, the worst case scenarios are generally not life and death. It's usually fear of people not perceiving our work well or thinking our ideas are stupid. Those are things I can live with and work past.

3. Just freaking do it. I know. This is the hardest part. But at some point if you just power through the uncomfortable parts, it will get better! Case in point, when I started writing again, every post was agony. I was quite sure I was writing the worst blog posts on the planet but I just knew that I needed to keep going to because it would get better and I need the practice. And you know what, I already feel better about what I'm writing!

Is there anything you're wanting to do or try but are holding yourself back because you're afraid of what might happen if you go out on that limb? Try thinking about my steps above and see if you're still scared to do it!

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  1. Bad best friend (no biscuit!) here. Finally reading all of your latest entries and leaving you a comment. On this particular subject, I think that hold back on writing because I'm afraid to fail. The fear of "is this good enough?", "will some publisher like this?" keeps me from just putting words on paper. It's hard to get that little voice out of your head.